Protect your PHP code from hackers with a free obfuscator and decoder tool.

Free PHP Obfuscator Decoder Online

phpSHIELD is a free, fast, and easy to use PHP encoder that protects your code from hacker attacks. Its simple feature lineup makes it an ideal tool for beginners. It also includes a customisable expiry and script rename prevention.

This tool obfuscates your php code by compressing it, replacing variable names and function names, and encrypting strings. It works with all versions of php and prevents external tampering.


It scrambles PHP source code to make it more difficult to read and reverse-engineer. The obfuscation is done at runtime and does not require your customer to install any additional software on their server. This makes it an effective security solution against tampering by third parties and protects your intellectual property. It also helps you avoid the headaches of shipping unencrypted code to customers. In contrast, some competing PHP “protectors” require that the customer re-encrypt and ship the code to decode it before it can be used.

POBS obfuscates pure PHP code and can be easily used with html embedded within it (but this is not bullet proof). It uses a different approach to obfuscation, modifying variable names and methods rather than using eval() based obfuscation. It also obfuscates statements in order to prevent attackers from determining what a function does. It also supports multiple languages and is a great choice for large projects. It also has a dead code injection threshold that allows you to set the percentage of dead code that will be included in obfuscated code.

Easy to use

PHP obfuscator and encoder tools scramble the names of variables, functions, classes, and constants into random strings, making it harder for hackers to understand and reverse engineer your code. This is an important step to protect your intellectual property from unauthorized use by third parties. It is also a good way to reduce the size of your source code by compressing it with zlib or base64 encoding and removing unnecessary spaces, comments, and debug information.

YAK Pro is an open source obfuscator tool for php that obfuscates the code to make it difficult to read, even by a human. It uses the php-parser 4.x library and is available as a GIT clone. This obfuscator does not require any plugins and can be used on all web hosting. It also adds a random number of function wrappers to each scope for added obfuscation. You can control the number of wrappers that are appended using the stringArrayWrappersCount option.

Compatible with all versions of PHP

Unlike other PHP obfuscators that use an eval() based obfuscation (which is reversible), this tool parses the code and obfuscates variable names, methods and functions. It also obfuscates comments and optimizes the code size by removing not-so-useful metadata and unused dead codes.

This is a good option for developers who want to obfuscate their code without losing functionality. However, it is not as secure as a real obfuscator or encoder that converts your source code into cryptic names and prevents external parties from reading or editing your code.

phpSHIELD is one of the most popular PHP obfuscators and has a free trial version. Its features are a bit limited, but it does offer a high level of security and compatibility. You can even lock your code to an IP address to prevent others from modifying it. This is great for protecting passwords, settings, and other sensitive information. Moreover, it also allows you to add custom comments or license information.


A free php obfuscator decoder can help you protect your PHP code by scrambling it and making it harder to read. This helps to prevent hackers from reverse engineering your code and stealing your intellectual property. It also makes it difficult for them to spoof your website. However, obfuscation is not a foolproof protection. An experienced programmer can still re-encrypt your code using simple tools.

It is compatible with all versions of PHP and provides a wide range of options for obfuscation. It also allows you to add custom comments and license information to your encoded files. It also offers features for reducing the size of your file, compressing it with zlib, and obfuscating variables, function names, classes, and constants.

Another feature of this obfuscator is that it can decode and re-encode your files for re-use. This is a great option when you need to re-test or re-debug your code, or if you need to migrate it to a different server or platform.

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